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Assalamu Alaikum. Je suis contente de voir un visiter de , , Pour savoir un peu appropos de moi, s.v.p. proner le temp pour lire patiennement.

Memoriser la Quran

1. Mon premier but est de devenir un HAFEZ de quran. J'ai commencer a memoriser quand j'etais 4 ans. Ma mere est ma ensiengnante.J'ai deja memoriser 13 JUZH de la QURAN sur 30 JUZH. Today my exact age is 20 Years, 1 months and 7 days Make dua for me so that I can finish the whole Quran very soon. To maintain the pace, I have to follow a strict routine lest I forget the QURAN.

Home Schooling

I am also doing home schooling for Grade 1 and Grade 2. I am finishing social studies, math and English in this grade. My teacher is Shafiq Unti.

French Language

I am also going to French tutor every Sunday.


My Routine

Check my routine above.

Favorite Links

1.Ottawa Weather

Personal Hobby

Making fun with Mahira, my little sister who's is today exactly 15 Years, 11 months and 8 days old. She bothers me a lot but I am her big brother. So, I am very patient. I also play soccer and volleyball. Arkam is my friend. I will add more information in the coming days.

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